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'If you just set People in Motion, they will Heal Themselves'

Dance Journeys

Dancing encourages embodiment. A journey undertaken in a group invites you to become present with yourself and others. Regular dancing improves mental and emotional wellbeing, through giving form to feeling, expression and energy, oxygenating your body, easing muscle tension and increasing 'feel-good' chemicals in your brain. You don't have to 'be' a 'dancer' to do this, what's important is building the connection to your inner experience.

What is embodied on the dance floor, can resonate at deep levels and ripple out into your life in positive ways. Dance is a life-affirming and re-vitalising activity and when undertaken in a group, brings enhanced benefits. Our dance journeys are themed but within them there is potential for play, healing and celebration. With facilitation you can explore your power and potential, through:

  • expressing and releasing emotions which need attention, breath and space to move
  • discovering new and spontaneous ways for authentic connection (to yourself and others)
  • listening deeply, through movement and stillness, to your body's needs and messages
  • dancing with an 'intention' so that your movement becomes a prayerful expression.

Our Approach

We offer a space and structure to support authentic movement and expression. Starting with an introduction to the theme, a short sharing, some warm up time and suggestions, followed by a range of guided exercises interspersed with periods of self exploration.

Louise's Background


  • facilitation training with Guy Barrington at The Dancing Heart Path School in the CZ
  • dance forms, such as African, Five Rhythms, Biodanza and Argentine Tango
  • a regular pesonal dance and yoga practice
  • experience of facilitating Mindfulness courses
  • working as a Reconnective Healing practitioner.

Michael's Background


  • facilitation training with Guy Barrington at The Dancing Heart Path School in the CZ
  • dancing Argentine Tango, Biodanza and Five Rhythms, plus a Tai Chi practice
  • facilitating Mindfulness groups and teaching Nonviolent Communication skills
  • working therapeutically with resolving 'trauma imprints' and releasing trapped energy
  • a depth personal journey with breath work and re-birthing.

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